SF Chronicle Exposes Measure R’s Real Aim – to “Roll Back the Clock”

The offered a high-profile corroboration of Measure R’s true intent – to block growth.

The article called Measure R a “disingenuous” attempt “to pull the rug out from under future projects.”

The article – by the paper’s well-known urban design critic, John King – was headlined, “These development measures are really antigrowth.” It alluded to similar measures in several Bay Area cities, but Berkeley’s Measure R received top billing.

The article contrasted Measure R’s “noble-sounding bullet points” to its real intent – “to roll back the clock” and “erect hurdles to new buildings over 60 feet.”

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The Chronicle’s report reflects the growing public understanding that Measure R is an antigrowth wolf in sheep’s clothing. It deploys the familiar ruse of “green-washing” by painting itself as the “Green Downtown” initiative, when in fact, its prohibitive new fees and restrictions on large housing and office projects are so burdensome that they would be financially unfeasible, according to the City’s study of the measure .

No wonder Measure R is opposed by leading environmental, labor, business, civic and professional groups, as well as Berkeley’s top elected officials and many prominent citizens.

To see the extraordinarily broad coalition of those who endorse “No on R,” please click here . We hope you’ll add your name too.

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