Yard Signs Are Here – Here’s How to Get One

Your yard can help protect Berkeley’s future well-being from Measure R! Join the growing number of residents disp laying the newly arrived “No on R” yard signs.

If you’d like a yard sign, please email your name and address to [email protected] .

The stakes are high, and every citizen’s assistance is important.

Measure R is an anti-growth wolf in sheep’s clothing. It pretends to offer a greener Downtown than we already have, with developers forced to provide even more community benefits than they are currently required to do.

In fact, its draconian constraints would do just the opposite. They would choke off future transit-oriented housing and sustainable development near BART, exacerbating our critical housing shortage and forcing more people into relying on auto commuting and generating more greenhouse gases. The City’s study of Measure R concluded it would conflict with the environmental policies of our Climate Action Plan.

Measure R is a legally flawed 28-page confusion of insertions and deletions to the existing zoning for Berkeley’s Downtown. It was drafted by three self-appointed individuals without public review or community input.

It would overturn our award-winning Downtown Plan, which was developed through an extensive community process involving more than 200 public meetings. The Downtown Plan embodies one of the nation’s strongest sets of environmental building standards and requirements for community benefits.

It’s no surprise that Measure R is opposed by a broad coalition of environmental groups, labor unions, civic organizations, businesses, professional associations and other groups, as well as virtually all of Berkeley’s top elected officials and a large proportion of the city’s community leaders and urban planning experts.

Learn more on our FAQ page and our Why Vote No page .

See the list of opponents on our Endorsements page .

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