East Bay Express: Measure R’s “Pivotal Role” in Council Races

Measure R “appears to be playing a pivotal role this November in the three contests for city council,” the East Bay Express reported today (Oct. 1).

The Express coverage reflects the growing media attention to the measure, whose real intent – to block new housing and office space – was exposed in the lead front-page article this past Sunday in the San Francisco Chronicle .

The Express said:

“Measure R would overturn past council decisions that were designed to increase density in downtown and attract more residents to the city’s urban core. Arreguin [the measure’s sponsor] contends that the measure would require developers to build greener projects in downtown. But opponents of the measure, including a majority of the council, contend that the ballot initiative is too restrictive and would block Berkeley from developing smart growth projects that limit greenhouse gas emissions.

“As a result,” the Express reported, “the outcome of Measure R and the three Berkeley council races this year could have a significant impact on the future of downtown development.”

The article identified three City Council races where Measure R is an issue:

  • Southeast Berkeley District 8, with four candidates – Michael Alvarez Cohen, George Beier, Lori Droste, Jacquelin McCormick – for the seat being vacated by Gordon Wozniak
  • South-of-campus District 7, with Sean Barry challenging incumbent Kriss Worthington
  • Northwest Berkeley District 1, with incumbent Linda Maio facing challengers Merrilie Mitchell and Alejandro Soto-Vigil.

The article reported the positions of seven of the candidates on Measure R: five opposed (Alvarez Cohen, Barry, Beier, Droste, Maio) and two in favor (McCormick, Soto-Vigil).

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You can find more information about Measure R and the danger it poses to Berkeley’s future in our FAQ and Why Vote Note page.

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