East Bay’s Leading Affordable Housing Coalition Announces “No on R” Endorsement

The East Bay’s foremost affordable housing advocacy coalition has come out strongly against Measure R, the ill-conceived attempt on the Berkeley ballot to rezone Berkeley’s Downtown.

“Berkeley’s Measure R is not the answer,” says the 30-year-old non-profit East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO). “…The bottom line is that Measure R is likely to make it even more difficult to expand affordable housing in Berkeley.”

The coalition’s “No on R” endorsement follows those of leading environmental, labor, business and civic groups, not to mention the preponderance of Berkeley’s elected officials and community leaders. These include

  • Greenbelt Alliance
  • Alameda County Central Committee (representing 100,000 East Bay workers)
  • Alameda County Democratic Party
  • League of Conservation Voters East Bay
  • Berkeley Police Association
  • Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
  • Downtown Berkeley Association
  • Berkeley Democratic Club (largest and oldest in East Bay) Alameda County Building Trades Council (28 affiliated unions)
  • State Sen. Loni Hancock
  • Assembly Member Nancy Skinner
  • Mayor Tom Bates and 5 other City Council members
  • …And many others (see the full list at )

Measure R’s backers deceptively claim the measure will add affordable housing. But Measure R’s 28 pages of prohibitive restrictions and fees would kill new housing, including affordable housing. The City study of the Measure R concluded that it would reduce Downtown housing capacity by 1,300 units.

Complementing the East Bay Housing Organizations’ statement is the from the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) saying that “none of the initiative’s promises are likely to come to fruition and all of the community benefits that would have been received through the city’s current policies would be lost as well.”

This loss of housing near BART also would damage the environment and sabotage Berkeley’s efforts to combat global warming. Less transit-oriented housing means more auto commuting, pollution and greenhouse gases.

The East Bay Housing Organizations’ full statement is available on the coalition’s website at .

Get the facts on Measure R and the danger it poses to Berkeley’s future in our FAQ and Why Vote Note page .

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