Excellent Summary of Who’s Behind Measure R

Want to know who’s behind Measure R, the misguided attempt to stop new housing and office buildings in Berkeley’s Downtown?

We highly recommend a well-informed op-ed column in Berkeleyside by Dorothy Walker, who has deep roots in the city and campus communities and who’s been closely involved in Downtown planning for several years as a member of the Downtown Area Plan Advisory Committee.

Walker describes the “strange bedfellows” who comprise Measure R’s supporters:

  • a few old-time progressives who view developers as evil money-makers to be thwarted whenever possible
  • some historic preservationists who want to preserve any building older than 40 years no matter its architectural merits or its inappropriateness for the needs of today
  • idealists or magical thinkers who believe that developers will build lots of affordable housing here no matter how many obstacles and financial demands are made on them, and
  • residents who think Berkeley was perfect when they arrived and nothing should change

Together, they represent but a “tiny minority” who are using the initiative process to oppose change and who are “evidently determined to keep trying to overturn the will of the majority who want a vibrant, green and exciting downtown neighborhood that provides new economic activity, new housing for people of all incomes, and millions in tax revenues that would be generated to beautify downtown and help the city and our schools,” Walker says in her Opinionator column.

Read the full column by clicking here .

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