Express Endorsement: No on R

The East Bay Express has joined the many knowledgeable organizations who recognize that Measure R would be bad for Berkeley. The paper’s endorsement – published today, Oct. 22 – is a resounding No on R.

“We strongly oppose Measure R,” the Express said.

“Supporters of Measure R claim that, if it passes, it will lead to a ‘greener’ downtown and will create more affordable housing,” the paper said. “But we think the opposite will happen: Berkeley’s downtown won’t become green and affordable housing won’t get built if the city sets up too many barriers to downtown development — as Measure R would do.”

See the full article by clicking here.

The Express endorsement follows the long list of environmental, labor, business, civic and professional organizations that have taken a stand against Measure R. See the extraordinarily broad coalition of groups and community leaders who oppose Measure R on our Endorsements page by clicking here .

The Express position also complements the conclusion reached in a prominent, front-page San Francisco Chronicle article that Measure R is a “disingenuous” attempt “to pull the rug out from under future projects.”

Impartial groups and individuals who’ve studied Measure R’s dense, poorly crafted 28 pages of Downtown zoning restrictions have all concluded that Measure R’s prohibitive fees and zoning restrictions would kill pending housing projects that are intended to realize Berkeley’s smart-growth policy of concentrating transit-oriented housing near the Downtown BART. The City study of the Measure R concluded that it would reduce Downtown housing capacity by 1,300 units.

As a result, Measure R means more auto commuting, pollution and greenhouse gases.

Get the facts on Measure R and the danger it poses to Berkeley’s future in our FAQ and Why Vote Note page .

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