Express Identifies Real Agenda of Measure R: Anti-Growth

Measure R is backed by “by anti-growth activists who have consistently opposed the construction of tall buildings in downtown,” the East Bay Express reported in an article published Wednesday , Oct. 15.

The article’s assessment parallels the conclusion reached in a prominent, front-page San Francisco Chronicle article that Measure R is a “disingenuous” attempt “to pull the rug out from under future projects.”

News reports reinforce the positions taken by leading environmental, labor, business and professional groups who have all concluded that Measure R’s prohibitive fees and zoning restrictions would kill pending housing projects that are intended to realize Berkeley’s smart-growth policy of concentrating transit-oriented housing near the Downtown BART. The City study of the Measure R concluded that it would reduce Downtown housing capacity by 1,300 units.

As a result, Measure R means more auto commuting, pollution and greenhouse gases.

The Express notes that Measure R is an attempt to reverse the major community decision reached in 2010 to allow up to five relatively tall buildings – with three up to 180 feet – in the Downtown to help ease Berkeley’s critical housing shortage and combat global warming through transit-oriented housing. That plan was put to the voters in a ballot measure in 2010 – also coincidentally named Measure R – and won with resounding 64% approval.

The result of the 2010 mandate was incorporated into our current Downtown Plan – the product of six years of community participation, including more than 200 public meetings.

This new Measure R, which would overturn the Downtown Plan, was concocted by three self-appointed individuals without any public review or community input. Its chief sponsor is Jesse Arreguin, who actively opposed the 2010 Measure R. In fact, he was the lead signer of the ballot argument against the 2010 Measure R, but now he is straining the public’s credulity by claiming that he’s proposing the new Measure R to realize unfulfilled promises of the 2010 Measure R.

Don’t be hoodwinked by this cynical ploy.

See the extraordinarily broad coalition of organizations and community leaders who oppose Measure R on our Endorsements page by clicking here .

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