More Experts Warn Against Measure R on Berkeleyside

Two of the most deeply informed experts on combining community benefits with new housing projects in Berkeley’s Downtown have issued warnings against the disastrous consequences of Measure R.

Both spoke out in Berkeleyside op-ed columns against the measure and the misinformation spread by its backers.

Matthew Taecker – the former City of Berkeley Principal Planner who guided development of the award-winning Downtown Plan, which would be overturned by Measure R – writes, “Don’t let a small minority of Measure R supporters outflank six years of public process by misrepresenting what’s in the measure and what its consequences would be.”

The Downtown Plan was the product of six years of community input, including more than 200 public meetings. It has helped usher in a remarkable revitalization, giving us a more vibrant, greener and safer heart of the city. Measure R was written by three self-appointed individuals without community input or public review.

“Berkeley has invested hugely in a new Downtown Area Plan and we are just beginning see its positive effects,” Taecker says. See his full column by clicking here .

Also exposing the dangers of Measure R is Anthony Bruzzone , President of Berkeley Design Advocates, an organization of Berkeley design professionals that supports sound urban design and environmental planning.

“While promoted as a ‘soak-the-evil-developers’ proposal, in reality Measure R is a thinly disguised attempt to freeze Berkeley in the past and wall off a potentially larger and more vibrant downtown to new residents,” Bruzzone writes.

“Measure R is a lie – it will not create ‘community benefits,’ because nothing of real consequence would be built,” Bruzzone writes. “Instead Measure R will kill our emerging downtown renaissance.”

Read his op-ed by clicking here .

Taecker and Bruzzone’s analyses reflect those of the vast majority of community leaders as well as local environmental, labor, business, housing, law enforcement and civic organizations that have analyzed Measure R’s convoluted, poorly drafted 28 pages of zoning restrictions.

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