No on R Wins Key New Ally – Berkeley Food & Housing Project

Another important community institution – the 44-year-old Berkeley Food & Housing Project – has joined the large coalition of organizations that oppose Measure R on the Berkeley ballot.

The Food & Housing Project’s endorsement reflects the growing public understanding that Measure R’s draconian zoning restrictions would make Berkeley a much less desirable place to live.

There are many reasons why a broad spectrum of environmental, labor, business and non-profit organizations, along with the Berkeley’s leading elected officials, have come out solidly against Measure R.

It would kill new housing Downtown, thus exacerbating the city’s critical housing shortage. And since the lost housing would have been centered around Berkeley’s Downtown transit hub, Measure R would force more people to rely on automobiles that pollute the atmosphere and increase greenhouse gases.

The City’s study of Measure R concluded that it would eliminate $1.3 million a year in future tax revenues for the City, thus reducing the City’s ability to insure public safety and fund social services for those in need. It would also cost Berkeley schools $1 million a year, the study found.

Measure R touts itself as the “Green Downtown” initiative, but those who have analyzed its 28 pages of legally flawed, poorly drafted changes to the zoning code can see that it’s an antigrowth wolf in sheep’s clothing. It deploys the familiar ruse of “green-washing” by adopting an environmentally friendly mask, when in fact, its prohibitive new fees and restrictions on large housing and office projects are so burdensome that they would be financially unfeasible, according to the City’s study of the measure.

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