Why Measure R Is Bad for Students

One question we’re hearing increasingly as the election draws near is how college students would be affected by Measure R on the Berkeley ballot. Below are some of the ways.

The measure would:

  • Intensify Berkeley’s critical housing shortage and drive up rents.

Measure R would impose significant additional restrictions and fees on developers seeking to construct new apartment buildings in Berkeley’s Downtown. The concluded that the requirements are so burdensome that they would make buildings over 60 feet financially infeasible and eliminate 1,300 units of Downtown housing capacity. The constriction of supply means landlords can charge higher rents, making it harder for students to find affordable housing – or any housing – near campus.

  • Increase greenhouse gases and harm the environment.

Today’s college generation is more aware than any previous one of the looming crisis posed by climate change. The loss of housing caused by Measure R would disperse population, increase auto-caused pollution and undermine Berkeley’s critical climate action strategy of increasing housing density near major transit hubs. This displacement translates into 225 million pounds of carbon emissions over 15 years, according to the .

  • Reduce Downtown eating and shopping options.

Measure R would overturn our Downtown Plan that has seen a remarkable turnaround giving us a more vibrant, safer and cleaner heart of the city. Measure R’s draconian anti-growth regulations would stifle our thriving dining and cultural life in the Downtown.

  • Force bars and restaurants serving alcohol to close early.

Measure R would impose a midnight closing time, Sun.-Thurs., on new businesses selling or serving alcohol, and on existing businesses when they make changes requiring a permit.

To see the broad coalition of environmental, labor, civic, business and other groups who oppose Measure R, click here .

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You can find more information about Measure R and the danger it poses to Berkeley’s future in our FAQ and Why Vote Note page.

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