Latest News: Climate Expert Describes Measure R’s Many Flaws

Undermine our green, vibrant Downtown

It is 28 pages of anti-growth regulations that would block transit-friendly housing near BART designed to reduce auto commuting and greenhouse gases.

Measure R deceptively portrays itself as the “Green Downtown” initiative, but in fact it’s a Trojan Horse painted green.

When you look inside at its convoluted, legally flawed zoning changes, you’ll find a draconian array of prohibitive fees and regulations that would choke off our remarkable Downtown revitalization of recent years.

It imposes such strict building requirements that, according to a , the largest new housing and office projects would be stopped dead in their tracks. And by the way, it also reduces the hours that bars and restaurants can stay open and requires public restrooms in large private residential buildings.

If Measure R were good for Downtown, why is it opposed by the chief organization representing the interests of Downtown, the Downtown Berkeley Association ?

And if Measure R really were “green” and not just green-washing, why is it opposed by leading environmental and sustainability organizations like Greenbelt Alliance, Transform and the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay?

The City study estimated that Measure R would mean the loss of 1,300 units of Downtown housing, which translates into 225 million pounds of carbon emissions over 15 years, according to the Environmental Impact Report on the City’s Downtown Area Plan . The City study concluded that Measure R stands in direct conflict with the City’s Climate Action Plan.

The flawed Measure R – drafted by three self-appointed individuals without public review or community input – would in one quick vote overturn our green Downtown Plan, developed through six years of community involvement, including more than 200 public meetings.

The Downtown Plan has been an extraordinary success, recently winning a prestigious national honor, the from the American Planning Association – the “Achievement Award for a Best Practice.” A recent comparison of Bay Area cities found that Berkeley ranks far ahead in the number and range of environmental standards and public benefits that it requires for development.

Transform, a highly regarded Bay Area non-profit with expertise in public transportation and transit-oriented housing, , “making Berkeley more expensive, more car-dependent, and more polluted as a result.”

Don’t let Measure R destroy all that we’ve created. Don’t let Measure R kill our green Downtown.